Workboard alternative for OKR Management puts a suite of features at your fingertips that helps you manage your OKRs with an intuitive OKR software that accommodates your growing needs.

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Here’s why is a great alternative

Simple and flexible software that grows with you is extremely easy to use. You can create and update OKRs in a few clicks and within a matter of minutes while having access to advanced OKR features like unlimited OKR hierarchies, weighted objectives, private OKRs, OKR grading, and much more.

OKR tracking like never before helps you never lose sight of an individual, team, or company performance. You can build stronger transparency and alignment while improving team communications.

Continuous performance management

With, you can map an individual’s performance to their OKRs and turn end of quarter reviews into meaningful reflection points, collaborative conversations, and powerful calibration discussions.

Dedicated support every step of the way

Our application supports in-built templates, guides, and best practices so users who are new to OKRs can get started with minimal training. We offer a true partnership and don’t charge extra for company-wide training, coaching, and 24X7 support

Enterprise-grade security and compliance follows all data and cloud security best practices. Our infrastructure is SOC II and GDPR compliant, and we run 3rd party penetration testing regularly.

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Free 14-day trial
Free 14-day trial
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