Event Marketing Goals and OKR Examples

Event marketing is responsible for driving new customer acquisition, customer engagement, and drive brand awareness. They do so by hosting in-person or online events, participating in industry events, and more. Setting thorough event marketing goals is essential for creating a high-performing calendar of events.

What are good event marketing goals?

As you set up your event marketing goals it’s great to build them around initiatives such as:

  • Drive new revenue and pipeline through event prospecting
  • Increase brand awareness and thought leadership speaking opportunities
  • Creating an engaged customer base
  • Driving event engagement

Event Marketing OKR and Goals Examples

Event Marketing OKRs and Goals for Event Engagement

Objective: Drive record ROI from marketing event

Key Results: 

  • Scan 1,200 badges during event
  • Book 10 on-site sales meetings during event
  • Generate 370K in sales pipeline from event in Q2
  • Achieve 13% post-show engagement from attendees 

Event Marketing Goals and OKRs for Customer Events

Objective: Triple revenue gained from this years’ annual customer meeting

Key Results: 

  • Drive 2,400 customer registrations
  • Book 260 on-site sales meetings during event
  • Generate $1M in expansion pipeline in Q3
  • Run 800 live demos for new product 

Event Marketing OKRs for Industry Events

Objective: Complete a successful industry conference this quarter

Key Results: 

  • Drive 95 attendees or 100% occupancy for sponsored workshop
  • Generate event awareness through 100+ #hashtag mentions
  • Capture 420 Enterprise MQLs from conference
  • Coordinate 3 separate off-site dinners for sales with customers

Final Thoughts: Event Marketing OKR Examples

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