Company OKR Examples

Company OKRs are the “guiding star” for your company. These are the initiatives that will be the focus for your team. You can start with annual company OKRs and then work your way to quarterly company OKRs. It’s recommended to track company, team and individual OKRs per quarter.

What are good company OKRs?

As you set up your company OKRs it’s great to build them around initiatives such as:

  • Hiring and employee growth initiatives
  • Marketing lead and pipeline contribution
  • Marketing led initiatives such as rebranding, events, or design
  • Sales revenue targets and market expansion
  • Product led initiatives such as new versions, updates, or features
  • Service initiatives such as support request metrics, handling time, improved efficiency

Annual Company-Level OKR Examples

Objective: Expand into the Latin American market and capture 15% of market share from our competitors in one year

Key Results:

  • Conduct comprehensive LATAM market research and SWOT analysis report and deliver to senior management by Jan. 31st
  • Hire and train 4 bilingual sales executives by Feb 10th
  • Launch Spanish-language MVP version of product with top 5 requested features by March 1st

Objective: Achieve record revenue while maintaining profitability

Key Results:

  • Increase sales of new enterprise-level accounts from $31M to $50M
  • Expand add-on service revenue from existing customers from $12M to $22M
  • Optimize headcount and negotiate contracts to maintain 10-11% profit margins

Objective: Host a live virtual event for 1,000 customers in September to celebrate rebranding

Key Results:

  • All rebranding components (logo, tagline, colors, website, all copy) completed by July 1
  • Reach 1,000 registrants for the event by August 1
  • Spend less than $45K on all marketing promotion for event

Quarterly Company-Level OKR Examples

Objective: Become a “must have” product

Key Results:

  • Grow from 2,000 to 5,000 users
  • Attain 4,500 engaged users
  • Release 2.0 version by end of quarter

Objective: Win customer love and trust

Key Results:

  • Identify customer needs and product design features to address them
  • Address customer pain points and needs
  • Scale and improve the implementation and adoption process for managed customers

Objective: Reach $100 million in ARR

Key Results:

  • Drive $25M in new bookings
  • Drive $25M in expansion bookings
  • Retain 95% of customers Q/Q

Objective: Grow company twofold

Key Results:  

  • Expand company from 250 to 500 employees
  • Retain 100% of employees Q/Q

Final Thoughts: Company OKRs

Did you find these example company OKRs helpful? Make sure to share these with your team so they can get an idea of how to write their own individual OKRs.

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