Chief of Staff Goals and Objectives Examples

The Chief of  Staff is a cross-functional role that is responsible for communicating and strategizing with the CEO. The chief of staff must be nimble and help align strategy and goals across all departments.

What are good Chief of Staff Goals and OKRs?

As you set up your Chief of Staff OKRs it’s great to build them around initiatives such as:

  • Company alignment
  • Hiring and growth initiatives
  • Budget planning
  • Establishing company-wide goals and KPIs

Chief of Staff Goals and Objectives Examples

Chief of Staff OKR examples related to alignment

Objective: Implement regular usage of OKRs by end of quarter to increase alignment 

Key Results: 

  • Introduce OKRs and train 100% of employees on benefits, rhythm, expectations and process
  • Schedule and complete quarterly OKR planning process
  • Ensure 100% of employees are performing weekly check ins
  • Make sure all OKRs are scored and closed by January 7th 

Chief of Staff OKR examples related to productivity

Objective: Maximize productivity through more efficient business practices

Key Results: 

  • Finish all scheduled meetings 15 minutes early
  • Automate 5 manual business practices by end of quarter
  • Implement work from home policy to reduce wasted travel time
  • Increase goal achievement score from 68% to 90%
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