March 29, 2021

Access OKRs from Jira for business execution clarity

Manasa Manogaran
Manasa Manogaran

Product and engineering teams spend most of their time in Jira to track progress of their everyday projects. Oftentimes, it becomes difficult for teams to connect the work they do with the company goals. This creates a lack of clarity for employees, who find it hard to connect how their work adds value to the larger goal — how the completion of a task or a sub task rolls up and aligns with the team or company’s OKR progress.

As companies continue to adapt to a hybrid work environment, employees find themselves spending a majority of their time updating their work progress across multiple tools. By making accessible from within Jira, we’re bringing goal management into Jira and allowing them to focus on work that matters.

Align Jira issues to business outcomes

Ally’s integration enables teams to connect Jira epics, issues, tasks, bugs to as projects, align them to OKRs, and track progress and status of both the project and the OKR. Employees can easily create projects, align them to OKRs at the individual, team or organization level and understand how their work moves the needle on the company goals.

Collaborate with transparency

Cross-functional collaboration and transparency is a major challenge that organizations face today. Employees and team managers need the right set of tools to manage their goals and track their progress transparently. Accessing OKRs from Jira empowers managers and employees to transparently track projects that include inter-team dependencies. Anyone from the team will be able to track how work adds up to the completion of a project and objective. With tasks and issues organized in Jira and your OKRs aligned across your Jira issues, it’s easier for employees and team managers to get context around an OKR’s progress.

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