March 15, 2022

5 ways to connect your team’s daily work to business goals

Lucy Hitz
Lucy Hitz

Our Head of Strategic Services, Michael Davis, says objectives and key results (OKRs) are like a GPS on a car–they tell you how to get to where you want to go.

But anyone who has taken a long road trip knows that without the right mix of experiences to engage you along the way (like music, a podcast, or a riveting game of I-spy), you’re likely to tune out Siri’s voice and stare into the endless stretch of dirt road ahead of you. 

The same goes for OKRs. Without the right practices in place, you run the risk of becoming disconnected from the big-picture objectives and missing the key results along the way. 

Here are five OKR best practices to avoid zoning out on your journey. They’ll help you connect daily work to goals so you, your team, your department, and your organization can stay engaged, motivated, and committed to achieving your big-picture goals.

Hear more from Michael and Ally partner Tim Meinhardt from Atruity in their webinar on how to stay agile with OKRs.

1. Map out daily work goals

Every individual in an organization should have a clear line of sight that maps them to the objectives they set out to reach. The beauty of Ally is that OKRs cascade all the way down to the individual level — from Projects that represent your initiatives and Milestones that act as waypoints to Tasks that represent the nitty-gritty of everyday work . This means that at any moment, every employee knows exactly what they’re responsible for, and can see how their piece of the business contributes to company-wide goals. 

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Without this vertical alignment, employees can feel lost in the day-to-day. Or worse, they can feel like their work is meaningless because they can’t see how it’s leading the organization to a larger success. However your organization tracks OKRs, make sure your process is robust enough to map it out for the individual. Otherwise, they’re just driving down a dirt road into the void.

2. Use reminders to snap back into daily work goals

We all have moments where we zone out, or even entire days where we just can’t seem to focus. Give yourself a little nudge to snap back into the work that needs to get done. Enable notifications in Ally, or set reminders on your phone or computer, to review your goals at the beginning and end of each day. Doing this will help you remain focused on the big picture even if you get temporarily lost in the day-to-day. 

3. Check in often to keep daily work and goals on track

Think back to our road trip analogy. Every so often, you need to refer to your GPS to make sure you’re going to make it to your destination. Are you still tracking to get there on time? Is there a roadblock or an accident that will require you to reroute? Checking in on your OKRs is just as important, and for similar reasons. 

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Ally OKR software makes it second-nature to update Results with three options for checking in. Each time you do, you’ll have a visual check of how much progress you’ve made toward your goals. Seeing that green bar energizes you to keep pushing forward and gives you confidence that the work you’re doing every day is making an impact. In the red? That’s ok, too! If you check in often, you’ll be able to get ahead of roadblocks before they divert you too far from your path. 

4. X

The easiest way to connect goals to daily work is to build it right into your workflow. You know how your GPS’ voice will rise above the music for a moment to give you the next direction? Having built-in integrations in Ally is just like that. Your OKR updates happen right where the work is happening, making it seamless and easy to connect the day-to-day to the big picture.

5. Align others to your daily work goals


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