Focus and engage your team for better results

Ally is a lightweight tool that makes using Objectives and Key Results (OKR) incredibly easy and intuitive, right from within Slack.


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Drive performance with OKRs

You have a vision, set goals, communicate those goals to the team, and feel confident that everyone is working on the organization’s top priorities…then chaos hits.

Startups move fast, and days evaporate as everyone deals with constant meetings, messages, urgent projects, and fire drills. Decisions to adjust and pivot are often made on the fly, but weeks and even months can pass without updating goal planning documents and communicating changes throughout the ranks. It’s easy for an organization to get out of alignment, and entrepreneurs find themselves losing sleep over seemingly impossible-to-answer questions:

  • How do I stay on top of the organization’s key priorities when I’m pulled in a hundred directions?
  • How can I energize and engage the team, and easily keep everyone updated on how we are doing?
  • Whether my company is making small changes or a major pivot, how do I ensure the team understands the new priorities, and shifts quickly to avoid wasting effort on projects from a previous plan?

The OKR methodology

Many leaders have adopted the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology made famous by Google and Twitter. Using OKR, organizational goals cascade down to department, team, and individual goals keeping everyone aligned. Meanwhile, progress is reported from the bottom up providing accountability and transparency. With OKR, individual team members are more engaged and energized, because they see how their work makes a difference to the organization.

Spreadsheets don’t work for OKR

Organizations that are just getting started often try to manage OKRs using spreadsheets, but quickly run into problems:

  • Managing multiple spreadsheets is unwieldy and quickly becomes impractical.
  • Cascading goals and rolling up updates is cumbersome at best.
  • Collecting up-to-date information on progress requires lots of time and effort, and information is outdated by the time it is reviewed.
  • Spreadsheets provide no easy way to give ongoing feedback.
Heavyweight tools overcomplicate the process

Some organizations swing the other way and use over-engineered tools that are expensive, require extra training, and distract the team by making them switch to yet-another tool.

Ally is custom-built for startups

Spreadsheets and heavyweight tools don’t work in a fast-paced, overloaded, startup environment. Ally was built with startups in mind to make it super easy to access and manage your OKRs.

Ally is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows startups to:

  • Stay focused and in alignment while remaining agile.
  • See real-time progress on monthly/quarterly/annual priorities, and use that information to drive focus and course correct.
  • Engage team members by enabling them to see how their contributions are moving the needle forward.
  • Transparently share information across the entire organization all at once.

Why Ally?

Ally was born out of necessity from a startup that needed a better way to track OKRs. Designed by an entrepreneur, Ally is built with startups in mind:

  • Intuitive and ridiculously easy-to-use. Document and share your company priorities and objectives within 15 minutes.
  • Integrated with Slack. Creating, tracking, and updating OKRs seamlessly integrates into your workday with no need to open yet another program or tool.
  • Built-in OKR best practices reduce the overhead of managing OKRs and help you successfully adopt the OKR framework.
  • Intelligent Alerts identify objectives that need attention before it’s too late.


“Ally is extremely easy to use and has the OKR best practices built in. It has enabled us to bring alignment and transparency to the business.And what’s more – we can do OKRs from right inside Slack.”

Lokesh Dave

CEO, iDataLabs