Exciting features in the works

We’re adding new customizable views for OKRs, milestones to track progress at every step, health insights to help make data-driven decisions and more! Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in in the next 4-6 weeks.

Make data-driven decisions

Drive results using actionable insights into how your business is performing, and how the OKR program is adopted across every level of the organization.

Automate your workflows

Keep working where you work best, and automate the process of managing goals by integrating with your favorite tool using’s Zapier integration.

Elevate Project tracking with focus on key milestones

Turn your ambitious projects into reality by creating Milestones in to track progress every step of the way, and ensure you never lose sight of the overarching goals.

Streamline your business operating cadence

End-to-end management of your OKR lifecycle through the process of creating, reviewing, and closing them, ensures a successful and faster rollout of your OKR program.

Views that cater to your needs

Preset and customizable views of your goals makes it easy to keep tabs on them, and address risks proactively to ensure progress is on track.

Make OKR planning inclusive, visual and fun

Promote an all-hands, brainstorming session using Ally’s Collaboration Boards to facilitate your goal-setting process that enables teamwork and prevents siloes.

Get insights and view heatmaps on performance reviews

Uncover insights on company performance using analytics and heatmaps on performance reviews. Request reviews, work on 1 on-1’s and get feedback from peers with the new 360 feedback module!

Note: Performance Insights and 360 Feedback will be available only if you have the Performance module enabled. If you would like to have Performance enabled for your organization please reach out to [email protected] with the request.
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