Focus on the right projects to reach your goals

When your team tracks projects in, you can see how every initiative is getting your team one step closer to reaching your goals, and say no to the work that’s not.

Focus on the right projects to reach your goals

Project management done right

Deep OKR Experience

Gain greater visibility

Get a holistic view of how underlying work across teams and departments are impacting progress toward goals. When you know what your teams are working on, you can make sure they don’t have too much or too little on their plate, and that the projects they are working on are the right ones.

Monitor outcomes

Keep working where you work best

Whether you integrate projects from tools like Jira or Asana, or if you natively create projects and task lists in, your teams can connect outputs to outcomes and stay on track without switching between tools.

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Empowered Teams

Drive collaboration

When teams work together, they succeed together. Shared projects in lets every individual see how their everyday work is ultimately contributing to goal progress across the organization.

See the big picture

Manage daily work with context

Keep key results focused on outcomes, and leave the rest to projects and tasks. When you align outputs with key results, your team can see not only what work is getting done, but how it’s getting done. With visibility into every process, teams can focus in on the work that will achieve results.

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