Lead business reviews, board meetings, and retros with ease

Keep business performance one click away and save time as you prep for business reviews, board meetings, and retros.

Free 14-day trial
Free 14-day trial
Easy Setup
Easy setup
Invite your whole team
Invite your whole team

See company-wide progress at a moment’s notice

No more late-night messages to leaders asking for business updates. Dashboards remove the guesswork, revealing KPIs, trends, projects, and other data across teams and departments. Go deep where you see risk or opportunity, stay at bird’s eye view when all you need is a progress report.

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Collaborate on retros remotely and in real-time

Huddle up with your team for inclusive retros in real-time. Together, identify wins and misses from the past quarter so you can move forward with clear goals based on what you’ve learned.

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Save time on meeting prep

Executives spend nearly 23 hours a week in meetings, according to Harvard Business Review. Take your time back as you prepare for business reviews, board meetings and retros, using our customizable layouts so you’re ready to have the right conversations with key stakeholders. All you need to do is click “present” to make the magic happen.


“The CFO and I ran every single meeting with OKRs, leveraging the dashboard and walking through our objectives asking ‘How are we doing?’ ‘What else do you need?’ and ‘What obstacles do you have?’ This set the foundation for building a mindset that we are a team and we are working together.”

Kathy Eastwood, Global People Lead at Worksoft

Kathy Eastwood

Global People Lead at Worksoft

Connect performance and OKRs the way that works best for you

Continue to use your existing HRIS tools with and automatically connect the dots between people management and business performance, or keep goals and employee engagement together in

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