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Your company needs a goal management software that fits your organization’s mold. can help with that.

Easy to use

Adopting OKRs at multiple levels of your organization has never been this easy. Ally’s intuitive interface, in-app guided walk-through and out-of-the-box OKR templates provide a quick starting point for getting started in as little as 15 minutes.

Create strong alignment

Create stronger organizational alignment with top-down and bottoms-up cascading, and ensure every team and individual is working together towards the top priorities of the organization.

Track OKR performance

Never lose sight of an individual, team, or company performance. Build stronger transparency and alignment while improving team communications.

Reports and insights

Strengthen transparency and accountability through flexible reporting and data-driven insights. Gain the visual clarity management needs to understand performance and progress against goals.

Be where work happens

Manage OKRs inside the collaboration tool where day-to-day work is happening. Integrating with Slack means teams don’t have to open yet another tool and spend time tracking progress manually.

  • The one-click set up has you connected in minutes
  • Get timely reminders to help stay on track
  • In-app guided walk-through
  • Update OKRs in Slack to automatically update progress in
  • Invite team members and set up OKRs in Slack
  • Enable managers to receive updates from direct reports and provide feedback

Integrations made simple

Seamlessly connect to your favorite business tools and data sources for integrated OKR management.


Ally’s meets industry security and privacy standards. The platform also participates in regular third-party audits.

Access anywhere

Access anywhere using our mobile apps for Android and iOS

Advanced features

Configure planning and check-in cadence

Choose the planning and check-in cadence that’s right for your organization

Multiple deployment options

Multiple cloud hosting options available. Choose multi-tenant or dedicated hosting

Create custom OKR Fields

Setup custom OKR fields to capture additional OKR information specific to your organization

Add private OKRs

Use private OKRs to handle sensitive objectives

Easily manage users at scale

Leverage HRIS integration and JIT provisioning to manage Ally user permissions

Configurable KPI dashboard

Easily track OKR metrics by adding them to the KPI dashboard

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Free 14-day trial
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Easy setup
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Invite your whole team
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