Spark discussions that drive results with OKR Dashboards

OKR dashboards in lets you spend less time making meeting presentations and more time discussing progress toward goals. This way, you can make decisions with the right context so your team can stay focused and engaged on the work that needs to get done.

Features that make an impact

See the big picture

See the big picture

Get a clear idea of how progress toward goals are going with visibility into KPIs, trends, projects, and other data across teams and departments. Dashboards gets rid of the guesswork so you can clearly see what’s going well and what’s not for your team. This lets you address issues faster and keep employees more engaged. Engaged employees = happy employees.

Get your valuable time back

Executives spend nearly 23 hours a week in meetings, according to Harvard Business Review. Dashboards not only helps you run more efficient OKR reviews and meetings, but also spend less time prepping for those meetings. Dashboards automatically gathers OKR progress and contextual data from other tools so you can always be prepared to present real-time progress in You’ll spend less time on meetings, and more time on the work that matters most.

Drive meaningful discussions

As a team leader, Dashboards lets you drive focus on making progress toward goals and move beyond just status reporting. Dashboards provides the business context to your goals and KPIs so your teams can easily see progress and have the right discussions to move forward.

Not a skilled presentation maker? No problem

Not everyone wants to spend their time creating the perfect PowerPoint presentation, nor does anyone have the time for that. With Dashboards, you’ll have real-time visibility with customizable layouts so you’re ready to have the right conversations to move your objectives forward. All you need to do is click “present” to make the magic happen.

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