Connect work to outcomes, from the start

Connect your team’s daily work to business goals and make sure you’re moving the needle.

Free 14-day trial
Free 14-day trial
Easy Setup
Easy setup
Invite your whole team
Invite your whole team

See a quick overview of everyday progress

With Projects, Milestones, and Tasks in, no work is siloed. Track your business progress accurately, focusing on initiatives that drive results and quickly identifying key business areas that require attention.


Know the “why” behind every team effort

Easily align your employees’ daily work to business goals and offer employees visibility on their impact. Watch your team feel 10x more productive, engaged, and motivated to perform better.


“Execution is everything and gives you just that. allows us to align and connect our employees to our business goals. This gives a clear direction to every team and individual.”

Matthew Guyan

Matthew Guyan

Implementation Consultant at Indeed Flex (Formerly Syft)

Drive richer business reviews with real-time progress updates

See how daily work measures up against company goals with Review Dashboards. Run effective weekly and monthly business reviews, and dive deep into real-time progress for objectives, key results, and projects in just a few clicks.

One single source of truth for all your initiatives’s deep, native integrations like Slack, MS Teams, JIRA, and Smartsheet automatically update progress on your team’s everyday work. You never have to make decisions based on stale data or jump between tools trying to gather the information that you need.

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