Ideate, strategize and collaborate on OKRs anywhere, anytime

Democratize the OKR ideation process, build your strategy, and connect it to the big picture.

Free 14-day trial
Free 14-day trial
Easy Setup
Easy setup
Invite your whole team
Invite your whole team

See the big picture, together’s collaboration board enables you to plan OKRs the way you want to. Bring everyone on the team together, bounce ideas off one another, capture high quality ideas, and run effective OKR planning and retrospective sessions.


Centralize your OKR planning

Say goodbye to planning in silos. Cut out the grunt work of manually creating and aligning OKRs. Your collaboration board is the single source of truth for OKR planning. Transform sticky notes into draft OKRs and Projects, add more details, align and publish—all within


“Going through this [planning] process for several quarters, it became apparent that we needed a real solution to help tackle this. We were managing everything out of Google Sheets and it was very disparate in terms of getting people to update statuses and gain that visibility into how we were progressing against our objectives.”


Michael Matmon

FP&A Manager, Bettercloud

Give your ideas and teams context

Organize your ideas, structure them under various strategic growth themes, understand connections and figure out how ideas align to the bigger picture. Identify dependencies early on and ensure everyone in the organization is aware of your vision, mission and plan right from the start.


Improve OKR quality with pre-built templates

Scale the OKR process with our pre-built templates and documentation. Jump into your next OKR planning or retrospective session with collaboration board templates and train everyone to generate the right set of OKRs for your organization.


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