Take the fast lane to implementing OKR business rhythms

Quickly and effectively implement OKRs, driving operational excellence at scale without the manual administrative work.

Free 14-day trial
Free 14-day trial
Easy Setup
Easy setup
Invite your whole team
Invite your whole team

Communicate your OKR process effortlessly at scale

Reduce the time required to manage goal-setting processes from months to minutes. Communicate expectations in standardized ways.


Add more structure and clarity to your OKR program

Define the cadence for monthly, quarterly, or annual business OKRs and establish a repeatable mechanism that adds structure to your OKR program. Set clear expectations on what should be done by who and when.


Empower teams to align with business rhythms

Enable teams to easily view and update OKR milestones and due dates on their OKR calendars so progress towards goals is always top-of-mind.


Leverage insights to improve engagement

Get actionable insights about every aspect of your OKR program, from tracking check-ins to progress updates. Identify and eliminate risks by nudging team managers to get back on track.


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