Align individuals to impact, turn goals into purpose

Build a strong culture of employee engagement and growth by bringing business goals into performance discussions.

Free 14-day trial
Free 14-day trial
Easy Setup
Easy setup
Invite your whole team
Invite your whole team

Show employees their impact on company goals

Engage and motivate employees by clearly connecting individual performance to your business’s most important objectives. Employees can see exactly how they are making an impact on company OKRs and why their work matters.


Your license to drive continuous engagement

Run regular goal-centered 1:1s and peer reviews. Capture a holistic 360-degree view of performance with the context of objective progress. Managers and team members can proactively address risks, give real-time feedback, celebrate successes and focus on career growth.


“Advantio opted to go with Performance so we could directly align the performance of our employees with the results of their OKRs. We’re working with to drive a culture of growth in Advantio and by helping our employees measure what matters, we know we can improve individual, team and company performance and make Advantio a really great place to work.”

Cian Collins

Strategy & Growth Manager at Advantio

Lead intentionally with actionable team insights

Get the context you need to lead by using dashboards to analyze performance data and track OKR program success. Managers and individuals alike have access to real-time information on goals, projects, 1:1s and reviews, all in one place.


Connect performance and OKRs the way that works best for you

Continue to use your existing HRIS tools with and automatically connect the dots between people management and business performance, or keep goals and employee engagement together in

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