Product Management Goals and OKR Examples

Product managers are responsible for the roadmap and development of best-in-class products. They operate across multiple departments and often have goals across customer satisfaction, user acquisition, and user experience. Setting the right OKRs and goals is important to ensure product managers are aligned with multiple stakeholders and company objectives.

What are good Product Manager Goals?

As you set up your product management OKRs it’s great to build them around initiatives such as:

  • Net promoter score and customer/user satisfaction
  • User adoption and experience
  • Revenue operations
  • Marketing and sales success
  • Product growth or expansion

Product Manager OKR Examples

Product Manager Goal and OKR Examples for NPS

Objective: Increase NPS score in order to retain our best customers and attract new ones

Key Results:

  • Reduce page load time from 4.4 seconds to 2.9 seconds
  • Reduce customer success response time from 24 hours to 16 hours
  • Collect 300 responses from customer survey to discover top 3 reasons why customers recommend us

Product Manager Goal and OKR Examples for User Adoption

Objective: Increase daily active users from 1,200 to 1,500 to drive adoption and create life-long users

Key Results: 

  • Develop 4 new integrations with popular 3rd party tools
  • Create a “1 click access” widget to connect calendar programs to analytics dashboard and get 300 installs
  • Upgrade notification feature from sending 1 daily update to sending up to 10 real-time updates

Product Manager Goal and OKR Examples for Ecommerce Operations

Objective: Improve critical ecommerce operations in order to allow for maximum uptime

Key Results: 

  • Identify, test, and correct 5 stability issues that occur during peak times
  • Create and distribute support playbook to handle response steps during critical downtime
  • Design, test, and enable “light” checkout option to be used as backup option

Objective: Increase revenue by optimizing shopping cart checkout workflow

Key Results: 

  • Negotiate and reduce overall merchant transaction costs from 2.9% to 2.7%
  • Increase average cart size from $48 to $57.60
  • Implement coupon code system
  • Increase average # of products added to cart from 2.2 to 3

Product Manager Goal and OKR Examples for Platform Scalability

Objective: Ensure a reliable, scalable, and secure online platform to enable successful operations for internal teams and external customers

Key Results: 

  • Increase database security and integrity risk mitigation metrics by 10%
  • Ensure all new hires take Security Awareness training and have deployed Mobile Device Management solutions within 30 days.
  • Obtain Service Organization Control 2 Type1 certification
  • Reduce average response time to customer security and compliance requests from 3 business days to 2
  • Enable sales team to secure 5 deals through providing information on enterprise grade security features, processes and practices to safeguard customer data

Final Thoughts: OKRs Product Management

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