COO OKR Examples

Chief Operating Officer OKRs are responsible for your overall business strategy and comprehensive goals. That’s why it’s important that COOs set the stage by properly creating goals and OKRs that their team can follow.

What are good COO OKRs?

As you set up your COO OKRs it’s great to build them around initiatives such as:

  • Hiring initiatives geared towards growth
  • Expansion of overall business strategy into new territories and geo’s
  • Total revenue growth and revenue growth in specific territories
  • Product-related goals such as awards
  • New user acquisition for products
  • Conference and visibility/branding related initiatives

COO OKR Examples

COO OKR Examples for Business Expansion

Objective: Expand the business nationally to generate more revenue

Key Results:

  • Hire 25 new employees across sales, marketing and customer success
  • Launch 7 geographical marketing campaigns targeting our ICPs
  • Generate $10 million in sales outside Southeast territory
  • Onboard 200 new mid-market customers in the West and Central region

Objective: Expand the business globally to generate more revenue in key territories

Key Results:

  • Hire 10 new SDRs to penetrate UK and EMEA markets
  • Launch 4 geo-targeted marketing campaigns targeting our ICPs
  • Generate $6.7 million in sales pipeline during the quarter
  • Onboard 25 new customers in UK and EMEA markets

COO OKR Examples for Industry Recognition

Objective: Gain more industry prestige to be recognized as an industry leader

Key Results:

  • Win “product of the year”
  • Secure 3 featured articles in a reputable trade publication
  • Attend 15 conferences
  • Release 8 video case studies with Fortune 500 customers

COO OKR Example for Product Expansion

Objective: Increase product footprint

Key Results:

  • Identify and secure 150+ channel resellers
  • Release freemium version of product in Q2
  • Gain 2M active new users
  • Increase average time in product from 5 minutes to 10 minutes

COO OKR Example for Diversity and Hiring

Objective: Improve diversity of our company

Key Results:

  • Increase gender diversity of leadership positions to 40%
  • Remove gender pay gap by establishing transparent pay policy
  • Remove gender bias from 100% of job descriptions
  • Improve company diversity from 20% to 45%

Final Thoughts: COO OKRs and Goal Examples

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