OKR Examples by Department

The first step in rolling out the objectives and key results framework is making sure you’re writing good OKRs to set yourself up for success. Keep in mind that objectives are three to five company, team or personal goals that answer “what” needs to be achieved. They are qualitative, actionable, ambitious, and most of all, time bound. Each objective should have three to five key results that answer “how” you are going to achieve something measurable. Here are some OKR examples by department to help you get started.

Company Level OKRs

Annual Company-Level OKR Examples

Objective: Expand into the Latin American market and capture 15% of market share from our competitors in one year

Key Results:

  • Conduct comprehensive LATAM market research and SWOT analysis report and deliver to senior management by Jan. 31st
  • Hire and train 4 bilingual sales executives by Feb 10th
  • Launch Spanish-language MVP version of product with top 5 requested features by March 1st

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Quarterly Company-Level OKR Examples

Objective: Become a “must have” product

Key Results:

  • Grow from 2,000 to 5,000 users
  • Attain 4,500 engaged users
  • Release 2.0 version by end of quarter

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Quarterly OKR Examples

OKR Examples for Chief Operating Officers

Objective: Expand the business nationally to generate more revenue

Key Results:

  • Hire 25 new employees across sales, marketing and customer success
  • Launch 7 geographical marketing campaigns targeting our ICPs
  • Generate $10 million in sales outside Southeast territory
  • Onboard 200 new mid-market customers in the West and Central region

OKR Examples for Chiefs of Staff

Objective: Implement regular usage of OKRs by end of quarter to increase alignment 

Key Results: 

  • Introduce OKRs and train 100% of employees on benefits, rhythm, expectations and process
  • Schedule and complete quarterly OKR planning process
  • Ensure 100% of employees are performing weekly check ins
  • Make sure all OKRs are scored and closed by January 7th 

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Marketing OKR Examples

OKR Examples for Marketing Leadership

Objective: Improve end-to-end sales process to improve closing rate

Key Results: 

  • Execute 6 targeted lead campaigns by Q1
  • Acquire 950 new MQLs for sales by Q1
  • Drive $10M in marketing-generated pipeline by Q1
  • Create 4 top of funnel collateral for sales by end of Q1

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    OKR Examples for Marketing Demand Generation

    Objective: Achieve record-breaking marketing engagement to increase paying customers

    Key Results: 

    • Generate 60,000 unique website visitors in Q3
    • Obtain 4,000 new trial signups in Q3
    • Convert 1,400 new paid customers in Q3

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      OKR Examples for Marketing Event Managers

      Objective: Drive record ROI from marketing event

      Key Results: 

      • Scan 1,200 badges during event
      • Book 10 on-site sales meetings during event
      • Generate 370K in sales pipeline from event in Q2
      • Achieve 13% post-show engagement from attendees

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          OKR Examples for Content Marketing Managers

          Objective: Create content to support new product launch to increase reach

          Key Results: 

          • Launch content strategy
          • Write 12 blog posts
          • Write 2 top of funnel marketing pieces
          • Write new product brochure

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            OKR Examples for Marketing Ops Managers

            Objective: Implement the best email marketing software for the business to engage more prospects

            Key Results: 

            • Evaluate top 5 vendors in the space
            • Hire implementation consultant by October 21st
            • Complete campaign build and test by November 15th
            • Deploy first email program by December 1st

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              OKR Examples for Product Marketing Managers

              Objective: Create the best customer advisory board experience

              Key Results: 

              • Drive 50 customer executives to participate in quarterly meeting
              • Curate top 10 customer pain points
              • Facilitate post-meeting follow up with plan to address top 3 business issues
              • Receive 90% satisfaction rate on post-meeting survey 

              Objective: Become customer-obsessed and understand voice of customer to increase retention

              Key Results: 

              • Conduct 20 in-depth interviews with existing and churned customers
              • Listen to 50 sales calls
              • Conduct survey of customer satisfaction with minimum of 2,000 users
              • Create list of top 10 customer challenges and share with product team 

              Objective: Elevate customer engagement program

              Key Results: 

              • Develop and launch bi-monthly customer communication strategy
              • Increase customer engagement via email and in-app messages from 20% to 30%
              • Create self-service customer academy with 12 modules full of videos and documentation
              • Reduce Tier 1 support requests from 100 to 50  by promoting new self-service academy
              SALES EXAMPLES

              OKR Examples for Sales Leadership

              Objective: Drive record-breaking growth in Q4 to increase financial stability

              Key Results: 

              • Hire 4 new AEs for the enterprise sales team
              • Generate 3.5M in new mid-enterprise sales pipeline
              • Reduce closed/lost opportunities from 100 to 25
              • Increase weekly demo bookings by from 20 to 50 

              Objective: Streamline sales pipeline in order to help our AEs work more efficiently

              Key Results: 

              • Reduce sales cycle from 35 to 24 days
              • Increase quota attainment by rep from 60% to 78%
              • Increase SQL win rate from 40% to 56%

              Objective: Add $1M ARR via sales to new customers

              Key Results: 

              • Close $500K in new enterprise (ENT) deals
              • Close $300K in new mid-market (MM) deals
              • Close $200k in new small and medium-sized business (SMB) deals

              Objective: Move to a territory-focused sales model

              Key Results: 

              • AE and SDR pairings create 10 outbound-generated opportunities in their territory
              • 100% of AEs have completed their territory strategy presentation
              • Leads per territory are within 20% variance

              OKR Examples for SDRs

              Objective: Improve inbound lead processing

              Key Results: 

              • Answer all website inquiries within from within 20 hours to within 16 hours
              • Administer 92% of all inbound demo requests from within 36 hours to within 24 hours
              • Reduce on-page chat response time from 120 seconds to less than 90 seconds
              • Increase weekly demo booking by 12%

              Objective: Increase prospect qualification process

              Key Results: 

              • Increase amount of inbound leads reaching discovery stage in 5 days from 38% to 48%
              • Book 150 prospect meetings
              • Generate 250k in sales opportunities
              • Increase percentage of second conversations from 25% to 35%

              Objective: Amplify effectiveness of outbound sales development strategy

              Key Results: 

              • Touch 125 unique accounts
              • Contact 300 MQLs
              • Improve average call length from 4 minutes to 6+ minutes
              • Increase outbound pursuit duration from 20 days to 27 days

              OKR Examples for AEs

              Objective: Reach and engage key stakeholders inside target accounts

              Key Results: 

              • Increase cold calls from 20 to 25 per day
              • Increase intro emails sent from 20 to 25 per day
              • Increase discovery meetings completed from 3 to 5 per week
              • Increase conversion rate of outbound meetings into opportunities from 20% to 25%

              Objective: Accelerate inbound sales process

              Key Results: 

              • Reduce response time for all new sales inquiries from within 5 hours to within 2 hours
              • Shorten average time from inquiry to demo from 48 hours to 36 hours
              • Decrease average time from proposal to decision from 5 days to 3 days
              • Increase deals closed from 7 to 10 this quarter

              OKR Examples for Business Operations Leadership

              Objective: Decrease cash burn QoQ in order to keep the company financially stable

              Key Results: 

              • Consolidate internal work tools to decrease monthly spend from $12,000 to $8,000
              • Increase employees working full time from home from 20% to 50% of workforce
              • Conduct monthly company-wide audit on variable expenses

              Objective: Accelerate business growth through strategy and insights

              Key Results: 

              • Launch v1 of business data platform
              • Consolidate sources to visualize and consume key business insights from 5 sources to 2 sources
              • Reduce time to create quarterly board of advisors presentation from 5 days to 2 days

              Objective: Scale our company operations efficiently and effectively in order to better serve our customers and employees

              Key Results: 

              • Double supply chain capacity while maintaining operational excellence
              • Achieve 16% profit margin through production efficiencies
              • Increase our capacity to deliver rapid and secure technology operations

              OKR Examples for Business Operations Managers

              Objective: Increase employees working full time from home from 20% to 50% of workforce

              Key Results:

              • Achieve 80% participation in company-wide survey regarding remote work
              • Finalize compensation adjustments plan based on location
              • Establish VPN and two-factor authentication security protocols for remote workers

              Objective: Support the GTM teams by providing best-in-class revenue operations

              Key Results:

              • Increase pipeline velocity from $30,000 to $45,000
              • Increase customer and user data unified between Marketo and Salesforce from 80% to 90%
              • Decrease weekly hours of manual effort from 3 to 1 by improving subscription management process

              OKR Examples for Office Managers

              Objective: Achieve 9/10 rating on candidate experience survey across the company

              Key Results: 

              • Achieve 9/10 rating on candidate experience survey in Phoenix location
              • Achieve 9/10 rating on candidate experience survey in London location
              • Determine baseline for candidate satisfaction across the company 

              Objective: Achieve an 8/10 diversity and inclusion score across the company

              Key Results: 

              • Identify top 3 diversity and inclusion metrics that are important to company
              • Survey with relevant D%I score questions ready to send to employees
              • Send first bi annual survey and collect baseline data

              OKR Examples for Customer Success Leadership

              Objective: Scale and improve implementation and adoption process for managed customers

              Key Results:

              • 90% of all customers live in 4 weeks
              • 90% of customers reach their engagement threshold within two weeks of going live 

              Objective: Build CS business definitions, infrastructure and reporting to support 10x operations

              Key Results: 

              • Define detailed calculations/criteria for 5 core objects/metrics
              • Build data model outline to incorporate all core CS reports/views/metrics

              Objective: Increase existing customer expansion revenue from $1 million to $2 million

              Key Results: 

              • Increase amount of quarterly business reviews conducted from 75% to 90%
              • Ensure 100% of contract renewal reports are delivered to customer success 60 days in advance

              Objective: Drive customer subscriptions up by 10%

              Key Results: 

              • Optimize on-demand training in order to scale learning & increase customer confidence
              • Increase customer support team capacity in order to serve our growing customer base
              • Reduce churn of enterprise-level customers by 5% in order to increase profit margins

              Objective: Deliver exceptional customer service through client support and education

              Key Results: 

              • Reduce support phone call abandonment rate from 14% to 9%
              • Decrease average speed to problem resolution from 3 days to 1 day
              • Monitor and update automated chatbot responses to increase problem resolution rate from 38% to 50%
              • Increase baseline satisfaction rate for CS and Training team from 81% to 90%
              • Update and refresh onboarding education curriculum to drive more efficient product adoption

              OKR Examples for Customer Success Managers

              Objective: Scale and improve the implementation and adoption process for managed customers

              Key Results:

              • Increase percentage of customers live in 4 weeks from 70% to 90% of customers
              • Increase percentage of customers that reach their engagement threshold within two weeks of going live from 70% to 90%
              • Increase percentage of training workshops completed for new customers from 70% to 90% of customers

              Objective: Develop scalable live training programs in order to onboard, educate and retain customers

              Key Results: 

              • Train 100% of CS team to manage account training sessions
              • Create 5-part training course
              • Increase live webinar attendance from 50 per webinar to 150 per webinar

              Objective: Increase customer support team capacity in order to serve our growing customer base

              Key Results:

              • Hire aggressively to increase number of support agents from 4 to 15
              • Increase documented internal procedures from 0 to 25
              • Develop 10 new email response templates to streamline customer implementation stage

              Objective: Reduce churn of enterprise-level customers by 5% in order to increase profit margins

              Key Results: 

              • Reduce average resolution time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
              • Reduce average monthly new tickets from 25 to 18
              • Track and assess top 5 companies by active tickets

              Objective: Optimize on-demand training in order to scale learning & increase customer confidence

              Key Results:

              • Increase customer facing knowledge base articles from 25 to 100
              • Scale new and admin user training in order to decrease onboarding time from 5 days to 3 days
              • Increase customer engagement as measurement by CSAT of 80% or better
              PRODUCT EXAMPLES

              OKR Examples for Product/Engineering Leadership

              Objective: Deliver a “must have” product in order to delight customers and grow our user base

              Key Results: 

              • Increase our NPS score from 40 to 50
              • Increase daily active users (DAUs) from 1,200 to 1,500
              • Launch mobile version of the product and drive 1,000 downloads

              Objective: Launch 2.0 version of product in order to fix bugs, refine UI and drive user engagement

              Key Results: 

              • Reduce number of support tickets from 120/month to 30/month
              • Reduce number of steps in check out process from 9 to 6
              • Increase user time spent on site from 2:37 per session to 3:45 per session

              OKR Examples for Product/Engineering Managers

              Objective: Increase NPS score in order to retain our best customers and attract new ones

              Key Results:

              • Reduce page load time from 4.4 seconds to 2.9 seconds
              • Reduce customer success response time from 24 hours to 16 hours
              • Collect 300 responses from customer survey to discover top 3 reasons why customers recommend us

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                Human Resource Examples

                OKR Examples for Human Resource Managers

                Objective: Increase employee retention from 75% to 90%

                Key Results: 

                • Increase employee satisfaction survey score average from 7/10 to 8/10
                • Increase ratio of open positions filled internally vs. externally from 30% to 50%
                • Offer 5 new course for internal career development
                • Increase percentage of exit interviews from 50% to 90% and track top 3 sources of employee dissatisfaction

                Objective: Develop and launch a comprehensive diversity and inclusion program

                Key Results: 

                • Research and develop 4 events that promote diversity and inclusion
                • Increase company diversity from % to % to better reflect local community that we serve
                • Hire a Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

                Objective: Create and launch a modern employee hiring portal on our website

                Key Results: 

                • Increase employee spotlight stories from 3 to 10
                • Reduce number of steps to submit applications from 3 to 1
                • Reduce the time to publish new job postings live on the website from 5 days to 24 hours

                Objective:  Build a goal-setting culture by implementing Ally’s OKR program across the company

                Key Results: 

                • Conduct 12 weekly training sessions to onboard and educate new employees about OKR best practices
                • Ensure 80% of employees are performing weekly check ins
                • Reduce department level OKR review and preparation time from 14 days to 5 days
                Finance Examples

                OKR Examples for Finance Leadership

                Objective: Improve operational efficiency to decrease cash burn

                Key Results: 

                • Improve bookkeeping and accounting operations in order to provide timely and error-free financial results
                • Launch cloud-based system across departments to decrease manual data entry
                • Move up deadline for employees to make reimbursement claims from end of month to end of first week of month

                Objective: Launch new quarterly budgeting and planning initiative to decrease cash burn

                Key Results: 

                • Reduce the budget approval process from 30 days to 20 days
                • Audit past 4 quarterly budgets to improve future budgeting plans
                • Establish bi-weekly planning meetings with leadership team one month before new quarter

                OKR Examples for Finance Managers

                Objective: Improve bookkeeping and accounting operations in order to provide timely and error-free financial results

                Key Results: 

                • Reduce time to complete final month-end numbers from 15 days to 10 days
                • Ensure 100% of customer purchase data is synchronized between Salesforce and Stripe
                • Reduce average number of required changes to month-end financials after close from 4.1 to 1.5
                • Ensure 100% of account executives have collected accounts payable contact email and

                payment remittance information from customer before moving to contract stage

                Objective: Move 100% of tax compliance services from third-party providers to in-house finance team

                Key Results:

                • Complete knowledge transfer and transition process to in-house team
                • Prepare and file monthly STPI return with 100% accuracy
                • Build and test playbook after knowledge transfer happens
                • Prepare and file monthly GST returns with 100% accuracy

                Objective: Reduce the budget approval process from 30 days to 20 days

                Key Results: 

                • Choose 4 budget approval systems to demo by January 15
                • Narrow potential vendor down to 2 choices by February 1
                • Choose vendor and launch budget approval system by March 1

                Objective: Make salaries more competitive to attract world-class talent

                Key Results:

                • Conduct industry salary research for latest comparison ranges
                • Increase employee salary satisfaction rating from 50% to 75%
                • Bring 100% of manager-level salaries to industry standards
                DESIGN EXAMPLES

                OKR Examples for Designers

                Objective: Revamp website for increased engagement

                Key Results: 

                • Move to new CMS
                • Add 5 product videos to website
                • A/B test landing page design layout 

                Objective: Support all requests from marketing and sales

                Key Results: 

                • Complete 15 infographics
                • Complete 10 product PDF documents
                • Complete 1 e-book for marketing
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