Align your Jira projects with business objectives

Update the status of your OKRs automatically depending on the progress of several metrics of Jira projects and epics.


Save time updating your OKRs

Your OKR status is updated automatically when you update the status of the associated projects and epics in Jira.

Import relevant projects from Jira

Manage your objectives and Jira projects under a single roof by importing Jira projects for the associated objective.


Stay current on how execution impacts business outcomes by accessing in Jira

Connect your Jira epics, issues to OKRs, projects and track how execution impacts business outcomes.

Manage projects from Jira

Track every epic, story or task in Jira by creating a project in Align a project with an OKR at the individual, team or organization level and keep track of your team’s day-to-day execution, dependencies and how it impacts business outcomes.

Align work in Jira to business outcomes

Connect a Jira epic, story or task to a project in to track OKR progress. Anyone from your team will be able to see how your work contributes to the completion of a project and objective.

Track your OKR Progress in Jira

Save time doing your OKR check-ins. Your OKR status gets updated automatically when you update the status of the associated issues in Jira.

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