October 7, 2021

Microsoft Acquires to Bring Purpose and Alignment to the Employee Experience

Vetri Vellore
Founder & CEO at

We launched in 2018 with the mission to bring purpose, happiness, and productivity to work. It is incredible to see that in less than three years, we have grown to 1,000+ customers in 80+ countries and a team of 250+ amazing people.

Today, I’m thrilled to share a major milestone in that journey with you: has been acquired by Microsoft!

Our mission and focus on delighting customers remains the same, while our ability to scale that mission will increase dramatically as we become a key component of the Microsoft Viva platform. As a part of Viva, we’re excited to continue shaping the future of work, now with the power of the most important technology company in the business sector behind us.

Thank you for joining us on this journey

I am grateful to our customers, investors, partners, and team for choosing to trust and support us on this journey.

And what a journey it has been! In less than three years, has enabled customers to create over a million OKRs, we were named Geekwire’s Startup of the Year in 2020, we were a finalist for Next Tech Titan in 2021 (which…is technically true now, right?), and we’ve been a G2 Crowd leader every quarter for over a year now. Thank you again for your support, feedback, and trust.

We’re only getting started

As a part of Microsoft Viva, will continue to give leaders, teams, and individuals the ability to align and focus everyday work to the company’s most important objectives. We will help bring goals and purpose to wherever the team is doing work, including Teams, Outlook, Slack, and the other systems you use every day. Over the coming months, we’ll share more details about the exciting new features and integrations.

For a preview into the exciting future for as a part of the Viva family, please read the Microsoft announcement.

If you’re an customer, you can still expect the same great team, product, and experience you’ve come to trust. We’ve put together some resources for your account admin that can be found here.

If you’re not yet an customer, I hope this news provides an additional incentive to start or turbocharge your OKR journey with us. Let us know if you’d like to start a free trial or request a full demo from one of our product experts.

Thank you for being a part of our journey; we’re proud to enable yours and excited to accelerate our mission to bring purpose, happiness, and productivity to businesses around the world for years to come!

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