Announcing our $8M Series A Funding Led by Accel

Vetri Vellore

CEO of Ally

I am pleased to announce that today, Ally raised $8 million in Series A funding from Accel, an early and growth-stage venture capital firm, with participation from Founders Co-op, Vulcan Capital (founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen), and investor Lee Fixel. This funding comes shortly after the $3 million seed series funding earlier this year, bringing our total funding to $11 million.

We are incredibly passionate about helping businesses accelerate growth through strong alignment, transparency, and zen-like focus. Thanks to the support and feedback from all our customers, we are off to a phenomenal start. It's an exciting time for Ally as we continue to see validation that what we set out to achieve is making a tremendous impact.

When we think of how quickly markets change, competition shifts and technology disruptions have been happening; it's clear that businesses are now operating in a new world where agility, alignment, and transparency are critical to success. Personally, this realization hit hard when I was scaling my previous startup and discovered the OKR framework, popularized by Google and other industry leaders. It's a simple yet powerful model to improve agility, alignment, focus, and transparency.

As a business leader working to increase performance, I quickly realized that running a business using OKRs was very hard to do using just spreadsheets or documents, and thus Ally was born.

Ally was founded to help businesses shift to a modern execution model, one where strategic planning, goal setting, and execution could come together in one place and help businesses accelerate growth. To accomplish this, we adopted the OKR framework to improve alignment and transparency. We have made it incredibly easy for teams to adopt OKRs. We are investing heavily in partnerships with a multitude of enterprise tools to connect work happening everywhere to the purpose and bring data-driven insights. We are bringing goals into the daily workstream of users, to increase focus and engagement, and we don't plan to stop there--we have many innovations in the pipeline.

While we have a long way to go towards our mission of enabling every business to improve strategy execution and empowering teams and individuals, today is a big moment for us. I'm incredibly proud of our team and what we've accomplished together in such a short period. It's not every day we get to pursue what we truly care about while at the same time have the opportunity to work with a great team, customers, partners, and investors. I feel truly fortunate and look forward to what we can achieve on the road ahead of us.