March 19, 2021

Run more efficient meetings with Dashboards in

Ally Technologies, Inc.

With time a precious commodity, department heads, team managers and executives continuously tell us they need a simpler and quicker way to organize and summarize data for business reviews and OKR meetings.

We’ve created Dashboards in to solve this problem, and help streamline your business rhythms.

The amount of tools workers use day-to-day has steadily increased, and with that so does a loss of efficiency and organization.

According to Slack’s State of Work Report, more than 130 hours of time are lost each year for workers who spend at least half an hour switching apps.

As most companies continue to run remote workforces, check-ins and reviews are even more important for employee success. According to Gallup, frequent feedback is key to engaging remote workers.

You can use Dashboards to run:

  • Quarterly/executive business reviews
  • Monthly departmental meetings
  • Biweekly/weekly team meetings

So where does Dashboards fit in to helping reduce preparation time and also promote productive meetings?

Dashboards gives users a holistic view of their OKR status. This means you won’t need to switch back and forth between data sources during OKR review meetings. With Dashboards in, you’ll be able to show where your OKRs stand, provide meeting notes and the ability to populate live data all in one place.

While running your meetings with Dashboards, you’ll also be able to use supporting data to talk through priorities, accomplishments, and blockers so you can stay focused on the goals that are moving the business forward.

No one wants to waste time making PowerPoint presentations, we know you have more important things to do.


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