October 29, 2021 Launches Partner Program to Help Partners Grow Their Businesses

Ty Lingely

I’m riding a real high right now.

Earlier this month we announced our acquisition by Microsoft, which is going to help us bring our OKR mission to millions, and now I get the privilege of officially opening the doors to our Partner Program.

So…Why a Partner Program?

Put simply, we’re not an island. Our objective at is to bring purpose and breakthrough productivity to work, helping businesses find resilience and accelerate growth. We cannot achieve this without a strong ecosystem of partners who have a shared vision and passion. partners understand that a big part of scaling OKRs effectively, including implementation and long-term adoption, is bringing OKR software on board.’s OKR software adds structure, alignment, and transparency to the OKR process, enabling you to educate clients on technology’s role in their success, and deliver an OKR program that’s right for them. partners deliver this education through valuable content and coaching, helping their clients make sense of the entire OKR journey, and offering value-added OKR services like overall business strategy, OKR writing workshops, implementation and coaching, OKR rollout, broader business transformation and change management initiatives that include OKRs.

Who is the Partner Program for?

Our program is for two types of partners:

1. Referral Partners are our customers, thought 
leaders, affiliates, and content creators who want to make simple referrals and let us take it from there. These are people who speak to or write for business leaders who can benefit from OKRs and

Featured Consulting Partner


Higage helps B2B SaaS scale their businesses. With their active audience of business leaders, they refer through their portfolio companies, advisory clients, partner alliance network, slack channels and live seminars. Higage are regular OKRs users themselves and bring a unique perspective on how OKRs can help their audience.

2. Consulting Partners are management consultants, agile or HR coaches, and OKR boutiques. These are people who offer value-added consulting and services and help customers in their OKR journey.

Featured Consulting Partner

There Be Giants is a UK-based OKR boutique that powers OKRs for businesses around the world. As OKR coaches who work with executives and founders to achieve their growth ambitions, TBG acts as an extension of our customer success team, supporting our customers in their OKR journeys with bespoke services.

What do partners get from the Partner Program?

Our primary objective is to help our Partners grow their businesses. By choosing to align yourself with the market leader in, our partnership offers some compelling benefits which include:

  • Generous rewards tied to performance
  • The ability to build your brand and generate leads through co-marketing
  • White glove support and access to our product roadmap
  • Getting listed in our Partner Directory for additional exposure
  • Providing OKR services to customers who need them

We think of partners as an extension of our team, and we’re excited to welcome you to grow your business and help more people succeed in their OKR journeys. If you want to learn more about the partner program and apply today, I encourage to visit our new page:

Thanks for listening and if you have any questions or want to connect please free to reach out on LinkedIn.

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