July 6, 2020 brings OKRs to Microsoft Teams

Marilyn Napier
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Manage your goals in MS Teams

With a boost in daily users from 44 million in March to 75 million today, Microsoft Teams has proved just how much workers need communication and collaboration right now. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a fiscal Q3 2020 earnings call that Teams “keeps all your work and communication – conversations, documents, whiteboards, and meeting notes – in context. It helps people collaborate inside and outside meetings, making them more efficient and effective while reducing fatigue.”

As companies continue to adapt to a changed workforce, whether that means teams are fully remote, or are coming back to the office, or have had to change priorities because of COVID-19, bringing goal management into Teams gives leaders the ability to empower their employees, align objectives and drive growth.

With Ally’s newest integration, businesses can empower employees to add, view, update, and manage their goals in real-time, without the hassle of switching tools. When it’s time to provide an update, they can save time with fewer clicks, and update multiple objectives at once, with our new focused check-in experience, built exclusively for Microsoft Teams.

By connecting OKRs with the work employees do daily, managers can ensure teams remain aligned and working together to drive the right initiatives forward. With ongoing performance tracking, organizations can empower every employee to manage the progress of each goal against critical milestones, further enabling teams the ability to achieve the successful outcome of their objectives. To make this actionable, supplies employees with easy to read dashboards, so goal progress stays top of mind.

To further encourage close collaboration and engagement, we equip teams with the ability to capture notes inside a channel or chat, so goal progress remains transparent, and everyone understands the status, progress, and next steps. For example, if progress on one objective begins to fall behind or become at risk, an employee can notify their manager in Microsoft Teams, and together they can work to adjust priorities as needed to ensure the right objectives become successful.

Now more than ever, employees need ways to remain focused and working on the right priorities at the right time. By enabling all employees across an organization to align weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals with the tabs and channels that run their daily work, employees can eliminate distractions and remain hyper-focused on the work that matters most.

Empowering employees to make the most of their day-to-day work is vital. To support this, enables individuals and teams to track the progress of their goals through live OKR dashboards, allowing for greater transparency and focus. By keeping goals top-of-mind, and embedded in the daily workflow, managing by objective becomes a fluid motion. In the event employees fail to keep objectives updated, our timely reminders offer a gentle nudge, to keep teams engaged and goals up-to-date, so individuals and teams remain on track.

Run more productive meetings and allow employees to reflect on prior progress, address obstacles, and discuss performance in alignment with the broader team and company goals. By managing performance in this way, achievements are driven by accomplishing the right outcomes, with the most significant impact. Employees can understand how they are performing individually, as a team and as a company. At the same time, managers gain greater clarity by tracking cumulative OKR progress to ensure they never lose sight of team performance.

Learn more about how Ally’s new Microsoft Teams integration can help boost collaboration with your team’s performance by going here.  Don’t use Try our OKR software free for 14 days.

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