We make OKRs easy…dare we say, even fun!

About Ally

Goal setting with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) helps to  propel your organization forward, but tracking OKRs in spreadsheets and heavyweight tools is cumbersome and time consuming. Ally was created to seamlessly integrate OKR tracking into your normal daily workflow. Ally’s incredibly simple user experience makes it easy for organizations to keep current with their OKRs, stay in alignment, and boost productivity.

Our mission is to be your Ally

Our mission to enable every individual, team, and organization to achieve amazing results!

How we became your Ally

In 2013, Vetri Vellore needed a way to keep his startup team aligned and engaged, and came across a Google Ventures video explaining the OKR methodology. He immediately implemented OKRs, but found that managing them with spreadsheets was cumbersome and took time and focus away from accomplishing the goals. Like any good tech entrepreneur, he built his own OKR tracking tool to streamline the process.

I integrated the tool into Slack, so everyone had seamless access. I’m sure this was instrumental in the strong growth of the business and health of the team,” said Vetri. “In fact, I think it played a big part in us being listed as one of the fastest growing companies and also one of the top 10 best places to work.”

Due to its strong growth, the startup attracted interest from many investors and was acquired by a private equity firm. Team members who moved on to other positions then asked Vetri if they could use his OKR tracking tool at their new companies…and Ally was born.

MBO methodology invented
Andy Grove refines MBOs into OKRs, and implements at Intel
John Doerr joins Intel
1999 – present
Google’s success popularizes OKRs
Doerr joins Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (VC firm)
Doerr invests in Google & introduces OKRs
Vetri creates Slack-integrated OKR tracking tool to replace spreadsheets
Ally founded
Ally’s Values

Customer obsession

Deeply understand customer needs and exceed expectations

Strive for excellence

Obsess over details, continuously experiment and learn


Everything is visible to everyone by default, readily admit mistakes

Unstoppable drive

Own it

Data driven

Make and validate decisions with data

Ally’s Founder

During his 14 years at Microsoft in various leadership roles and then later when building and successfully exiting his first startup, Vetri realized that large companies and startups alike face the same struggle—finding the right balance between driving hard towards committed plans and being agile and responsive to customer and partner feedback.

He experienced the same great challenge over and over: How do I empower my team to define their objectives while ensuring alignment with the company’s top priorities? Or put another way, how do you connect strategy to execution? Setting objectives and key results (OKRs) was the answer, but implementing the OKR methodology with spreadsheets was clunky and distracted him and his team from their work.

To solve this problem, Vetri built Ally, an OKR tracking tool integrated directly into Slack, to help his team get radical clarity, focus, alignment, and ongoing feedback. He credits the successful exit from his startup to being able to easily implement OKRs with Ally.

Since 2013, Ally has been adopted an increasing number of organizations. Thanks to customer feedback and continuous innovation, it is now a powerful, yet incredibly easy-to-use, solution helping startups, as well as departments and teams inside enterprises to accelerate growth and achieve amazing results.

Vetri Vellore
Founder & CEO, Ally

I am passionate about helping teams achieve spectacular results!”