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Ally is a ridiculously easy, scalable, OKR solution that enables startups and larger teams to achieve amazing results.

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Align your Team

Ally helps to clearly communicate the top priorities to your organization and ensure every individual and team is continually focused on, and working towards the larger organizational goals together.

Stay on Track

Easily view and identify issues in real time to help keep teams focused on key goals. Ally’s Insights help to anticipate problems, stay one step ahead and make necessary changes to achieve the goals.

Empower and Engage

Employees can see the impact they make, even when managers can’t sit with them often. With Ally, everyone can see their own goals being met and how their work moves the organization forward.

Ease of Use

Ally is intuitive and incredibly simple to use. You don’t need another tool that takes you days to learn and requires extensive training for your staff. With Ally, you can dive right in and begin setting goals on day one.

Ease of Use
Built-in OKR Best Practices

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal setting framework used by thousands of successful teams and companies – Google is one of them. Ally’s built-in OKR tips and features will show you how to use OKR best practices effectively in your organization. Ally cuts down the administrative overhead by automating routine tasks, reminders, and follow-ups, so you and your team can focus on what’s important – achieving the goals.

Built-in OKR Best Practices
Advanced Goal Tracking

Effortlessly check the progress of any organization, team or individual goal at any time. You can also drill into a goal to better understand the status. The progress of top-level goals is automatically updated based on lower-level, contributing goals. And intelligent indicators, flag the goals that need additional attention, to help hit targets as planned.

Keep Track of All Goals
Continuous Feedback

Give and receive updates, feedback, and encouragement within the team or organization. Keep spirits up and help everyone give their best and deliver on their objectives.

Continuous Feedback
In-built Reporting

Generate customized reports in a jiffy to showcase how the team is faring. Ally’s built-in report feature gives all stakeholders a clear picture of goals that are successful and those that need special focus.

Built-in Reporting
Slack Integration

We understand you don’t want yet another website or app to manage your goals. That’s why, we integrated Slack, with Ally. With performance management being part of your everyday workflow, you’re sure to have better adoption and results.


Why teams love Ally

“Ally is extremely easy to use and has the OKR best practices built in. It has enabled us to bring alignment and transparency to the business.

And what’s more – we can do OKRs from right inside Slack.

Ally team has been a great partner in helping us successfully adopt the OKR framework.”

Lokesh Dave

CEO, iDataLabs

“We were managing our goals using PowerPoint and it was very time-consuming. Ally has made it much easier to manage our annual and quarterly objectives, brought more transparency and continuous focus while saving tons of time spent updating the PowerPoint decks every week.

We are thrilled with Ally. Based on how well it has worked for my marketing department, other departments in the company have started using Ally!”

Steve O’ Brian

VP of Marketing, Shiftboard

Ally is for


At a start-up, you have breakthrough ideas and a brilliant team. But it’s easy to lose sight of your priorities when you’re bootstrapping and juggling many roles every day. Ally can help you and your team keep an eye on the broad view and spot goals that need extra focus – so you can make your  dream a reality.


Make your department a star-performer, with Ally. Link the overarching goals of the company to the contributing goals of each employee within your department. Keep yourself and your staff focused on performance, with automated check-ins and regular goal tracking. Make your staff proud of their work.

Team Leaders
Small Teams

It’s hard to manage a team and the various objectives of each member. Who’s working on what? Is progress being made? Is everyone aligned with the same vision? Ally makes the connection for you – show your team that every step they take is a step towards the greater good of the company.

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